Information on a series of unreliable mines of infrastructure objects of Ukraine

21.01.2022 16:56

The beginning of 2022 became a real test not only for law enforcement agencies, which immediately respond to all such reports, but also for students, parents and teaching staff of educational institutions.

Since the beginning of 2022 alone, 339 reports of landmines have been received, of which 306 reports were received by e-mail, 27 by phone, and 6 in person or by mail. And this is half of all such messages received throughout 2021.

We emphasize. Law enforcement officers responded to all reports of landmines. We checked - 3,183 objects,

Despite the fact that none of these reports have ever been true, the police authorities respond to each information and conduct an investigation with the relevant administrations.

Today we can state with confidence: a series of pseudominings is nothing more than an element of hybrid aggression and a planned information operation. The purpose of this information terrorism is to keep Ukrainians in suspense and instill insecurity in their own security, and to make it not so much a terrorist act as a possibility that something like this could happen. Therefore, the main thing is to keep calm.

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